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My “Why FI” featured on the Minted Latte Blog!

My “Why FI” featured on the Minted Latte Blog!
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Boy this pandemic has thrown me for a loop to say the least. Like a weeble-wobble it has knocked me back and forth and it’s taken a lot of effort to stabilize from day to day.

Slowly though as I adjust to the new normal of the unknown, I’m finding little glimmers of focus and hope. In these glimmers I’m getting back into the swing of writing and I’m jumping back in here to share a wonderful round up post by the blogger at the Minted Latte.

I had the honor of being featured in the Minted Latte blog’s post about “Why FI”.

What is your WHY FI?

In this brilliant round up of FIRE bloggers the author, Krizelle, asks about what motivates others to pursue financial independence. What is their “Why FI”?

It’s such an important question to contemplate. Before the pandemic my answer to this question helped me stay focused, motivated me to keep up momentum, and even inspired me to start a blog to share my experience in my pursuit of financial independence.

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of a an extremely turbulent and troubling time (to say the least), the answer to this question means even more.

There’s one thing I know for sure since this shit show of a pandemic started: I’m so grateful I found the Financial Independence movement when I did. We are not currently financially independent. Far from it. But we are in a much better position financially than we were. We have less debt and we have a decent emergency fund. That brings some seriously precious peace of mind right now.

My WHY FI still guides me

Mr. Root and I are fortunate that our income hasn’t been interrupted (yet). At the onset of the pandemic I did some panic spending on groceries. Over the months since March we have made some other not-so-frugal purchases (more on that soon) to get us through this summer.

As we reign in our reactive and panic spending and I slowly regain my focus, I am grateful to find that my “Why FI” is still there.

Like an anchor, the FI principles are keeping me tethered to a plan. Still strong. Still clear. Hello my friend. Thanks for being patient. I’m back.

My “Why FI” is now more meaningful than ever.

Check it out here on the Minted Latte along with a trove of other great insights from other FI-minded folks.

And thanks to Krizelle at the Minted Latte for sharing my Why FI!

Take care and be well,


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Why FI what now?
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