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My FI Story on the Late Starter to FI Series!

My FI Story on the Late Starter to FI Series!

One of my favorite Financial Independence blogs is LateStarterFire. Late Starter is a 40 something woman from Australia who writes about her journey to Financial Independence. She’s a great writer and I can really identify with her story being a “late starter” myself. Also I love that she lives in Australia because I lived there as a child and it brings back memories.

She has a wonderful series on her blog called “Late Starter to FI” where she features the stories of other late starters. It’s fascinating and inspiring to read about them.

I was so excited when she invited me to share my story! I’m honored to be featured in her series. I wrote about how I found the FIRE movement and the progress my family has made so far. At the end of the post is a short update on how our plans have been impacted by the pandemic. I hope you’ll check it out here and read more great content on her blog as well. I think you’ll enjoy it. Thanks LateStarterFire for sharing my story!

I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves and surviving these crazy times.

6 thoughts on “My FI Story on the Late Starter to FI Series!”

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story on Latestarterfire! I was very excited when you said yes – knew you’d be a perfect fit – love that our community of late starters is growing. Thank you for your kind words and support from the beginning – much appreciated. I look forward to sharing more stories as we journey together to financial independence.

  • Dang girl, you demolished $28,000+ dollars of debt IN 14 MONTHS! That is insane and impressive, clearly your methods are working! I really enjoyed learning more about the journey that led you to where you are today, its been full of adventures but your destination looks to be epic!

    I wake up at 5 am too because a girls gotta write! It gets easier with time, I promise.

    Happy health and savings!

    • Thanks so much Budget Life List! I hope you’re well and safe. My 5am wake up goals went out the window when I started telecommuting in March. BUT I know I still want to do it so I’m planning on working my way back to it. Take care!

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