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Check Out My Post About Glamping on the Wine Travel Kids Blog!

Check Out My Post About Glamping on the Wine Travel Kids Blog!

When Root Jr. was just a wee little pre-schooler he became very good friends with four boys at day care. We and the other parents nurtured these relationships with play dates and birthday parties. The boys remained friends through elementary school even though they didn’t all go to the same schools. We continued to get them together for sleepovers and parties. We started to coordinate with each other to have them attend the same summer camps.

Over the years the moms became close friends and eventually we weren’t just getting together for the kids. We were having cookouts and parties of our own so WE and our kids could spend time with each other. We even spent a family vacation together at the beach last summer.

As our boys grew and we got to know each other we realized we all had some things in common. We were all planners in unique ways. We each had a knack for researching all things around parenting and at any time could ask each other questions and know that each of us would be a great resource of tips and advice.

For example, one of us might ask if any of us had traveled to Disney World before and for sure one of us would say yes AND I have a spreadsheet with all this information I gathered about where to stay and what to do. This happened over and over again. We’d share information on things like traveling to state parks, how to plan summer camps, and where to get discounts on amusement parks.

We kept saying to each other “you should start a blog”. So this year we did just that! The Wine Travel Kids blog was born of good friends with a love for sharing wine, parenting experiences, and tips on traveling with kids.

I wrote my first post for the blog about “glamping” with my boys at a city park on the lake. This was the last trip we took before the pandemic shut things down in Austin, Texas. I write under the name “Mama Rosé”. I hope you’ll check it out as well as the posts by my mama friends. They provide lots of useful tips and great resources they put together from their own experiences.

I hope you are staying healthy and safe as well as finding moments of joy and sunshine in these crazy times.

Me and the mamas
Me and the mamas

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